About Us

We are a Private Limited Company based in India and we offer services in the area of training, translation & interpretation to build your network. As a result of our quality services, our client list is continuously growing all over the world, especially in Spain, France & Latin America. We do not only focus on translation & interpretation, but we also work to train students with courses that are designed on the basis of Industry & Higher studies abroad.

The journey of Cara a Cara started while searching for a path which every linguistic professional looks for i.e. the road to success that comes from Basic learning, opportunity & continuity of hard work.

Here we provide the first two things i.e. Basic learning & give platforms as an opportunity to progress with your learned skills. The rest depends upon how you keep growing to reach your pinnacle of success through continuous effort & dedication.


Jogjiban Banerjee
He is an ex-Marine Officer who lived his life on Ocean by traveling around the world during 70's & 80's when there was no connectivity through mobile phones or laptops. His entrepreneurship journey started Onshore by an idea of connecting the world through new age technology, skills, language & consulting. His 35 years of experience in SCI is helping to connect multiple skills across countries to bring quality results & build network